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The Artist & Founder

Maevin Sael was born in Otava, Finland and moved to the US by unknown or possibly forgotten means. She's a 23 year old digital artist who began her 'studies' into creativity when the discovery of her condition mounted into a fear of forgetting everything.

Most notably known for her EXTENSIVE tattoos and elaborate portrayal of remembering others through a rather packed notebook and picture gallery, Maevin opened the Sael Memory Museum as a housing for her ever-growing need for recording information and exhibiting it out to others to show her perspective on the world.

Shortly after opening the Memory Museum, Maevin would take it upon herself to bring light to Degenerative & Divergent neurological conditions through the founding of her charity: The Memory Foundation, also headquartered within the Sael Memory Museum.

Though she will (rather jubilantly) disclose to strangers about her condition, the continued forgetfulness and loss of notes takes its toll, and often even her closest friends may notice a distinct lack of details involving them.

Maevin is currently living with her adopted mother Alessa Winters and rather contently continues to record everything around her to ensure things are remembered.